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Directory Setup & Launch

We Have Developed an 8 Step Formula To Setup & Launch your Directory

Our team has 6.5 years of experience building directories. We have established the formula and steps that anyone should take to build out their directory business! Our team was able to boil this down to 8 steps you at minimum should take to roll out your directory to the public.

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Basic Setup:

There are directories about almost anything and everything. It's important we define what the main content focus of your directory will be, and what are the secondary types of content that you would like to promote through your directory website as well. Some different types of content are: Directory Members, Articles, Coupons, Events, Products, among other type of information that people usually search for online.

Step #1: Establish Directory Content Focus

Step #2: Establish Directory Categories

Once we know what type of content we want to promote on our site, we need to make sure that our website visitors can easily find whatever content they are looking for. The way we accomplish this is by offering predetermined categories that can make their search experience more pleasurable and fast.

Not all directories are conformed by members/platform users. That said the grand majority are and that is why we have included this in our list. When people/businesses signup we need to make sure we collect all the information we need from them for their profile to be complete, and we accomplish this by creating custom designed forms for our members, that include all the details of what we would like to know and publicly display about them.

Step #3: Establish Member Profile Data

Step #4: Determine Website Color Palette

Sight is one of our greatest advantage and disadvantage as a species. Colors give life to your project and are not to be undermined, they even reflect meaning in what your project represents. We will implement your color palette or even suggest a couple different options for you to use on your website.

Your homepage and other supporting pages are very important, they give your site credibility. It's important for us to jump on a call together and map out what content will specifically be available on those pages when you launch your site. To make sure not only your content speaks to your visitors but also to make sure that the website navigation is flawless for your intentions.

Step #5: Determine The Structure of your Homepage & Additional Pages

Step #6: Establish your Directory Offerings/ Services

We are all here, because we have hopes and dreams to turn these directory projects into profitable businesses and have a positive impact in the community around us while doing so. To accomplish these goals its important that we determine and setup the products and services that your directory will provide.

Your Brilliant Directories licenses uses quite a bit of technology in order for it to work as well as it does. Our team will jump on a session with you to setup all the required third-party tools that allow your directory to function at its top performance. The majority of the third-party tools use are Google Applications.

Step #7: Integrate All Mandatory API's

Step #8: Import Your Member List

New directories can be hard to populate and especially if people expect to see crowds already using your platform. This is where member list data comes in, we can help you import your contacts list into your website, send us your file and we will structure it properly for the system to read it accordingly.

The Breakdown:

Basic Setup


Homepage & About Copy


Monthly Support



Basic Setup + Homepage
& About Copy


Optional Monthly


Total cost of the Directory
Setup & Launch

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